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Strata living is a popular choice in B.C. In fact more than 1.5 million people live in stratas in B.C. Living in strata housing has unique roles and responsibilities; it is not the same as renting an apartment or owning a home which is not part of a strata corporation.

Strata legislation applies to all stratas

Strata living requires owners and residents to follow the Strata Property Act, regulations and the strata corporation’s bylaws and rules.

This legislative framework applies to all strata corporations in British Columbia, including single family homes in bare land strata corporations (“strata subdivisions”) as well as duplexes and triplexes if they are strata-titled.

Strata housing: more than condos

Strata housing is often referred to as condos or condominiums. However, strata housing not only includes apartment-style condominiums but can also include: duplexes, townhouses, fractional vacation properties, even single family homes in bare land strata corporations (“strata subdivisions”).

There are many different kinds of strata developments including industrial, commercial, residential, bare land or a combination called mixed-use.

It is important for people who are purchasing strata housing or renting strata housing to understand the legal requirements and what that means for them.

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