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The Province of British Columbia, working with BC Housing, delivers a wide range of Indigenous housing, programs and services for Indigenous youth, singles, families, women and children fleeing violence, seniors, elders, and those experiencing homelessness.  

The Province of British Columbia is committed to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. As part of this commitment, the Province will spend $550 million over ten years, from 2018 to 2028, to build 1,750 new units of Indigenous housing across the province in urban, rural, and remote areas, both on- and off-Nation.

Building BC programs

The four Building BC programs, offered through BC Housing, welcome Indigenous organizations and First Nations to build housing both on- and off-Nation. Indigenous people, Nations, and organizations are also encouraged to work with the HousingHub to create development partnerships to build affordable housing. 

Indigenous Housing Fund

In June 2018 the Province announced a new $550 million investment over 10 years to build and operate 1,750 units of social housing for Indigenous people both on- and off-Nation. This is the first provincial housing fund in Canada that includes on-Nation housing.

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