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What is the definition of committee? Is this one person or a group?

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Written by admin on February 26, 2015

  1. What is the definition of committee? Is this one person or group of persons (like a committee – 4 to 10 persons)?

The definition of “committee” is as follows: A committee is a person appointed by the Court under the authority of the Patients Property Act to act as a substitute decision maker for an adult who has been found by the Court to be mentally incapable of managing his or her affairs or person or both.

The Public Guardian and Trustee may be a committee of estate or person for an adult. A financial institution (trust company) may be appointed to act as committee of estate only (not person).

All committees have a legal duty to act in the adult’s best interests and to account to the Public Guardian and Trustee or to the Court for their management of the adult’s affairs. Usually only one person is appointed to act as committee for an adult but in some circumstances, the court may appoint two or more persons to act as co-committees for an adult. This, however, is rare.

CATHERINE ROMANKO, Public Guardian and Trustee


Nidus fact sheet on Adult Guardianship

Private Committee Services Handbook
Published by the office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. This publication provides detail about the responsibilities and duties that would apply to a person who becomes a committee of estate for an adult.

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