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A New Era for Document Authentication: Simplifying the Process for B.C. Residents

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Are you tired of the cumbersome process of authenticating public documents for international use? Well, there’s good news for residents of British Columbia (B.C.)! A more straightforward and cost-effective method is on the horizon, set to launch in January 2024.

In May 2023, Canada made a significant move by joining the Apostille Convention, and the benefits for B.C. residents are about to become apparent. Starting January 11, 2024, a new process will revolutionize the authentication of public documents for use in 125 countries. The key change? B.C. residents will only need a single certificate, known as an apostille, from the B.C. Authentication Program for documents destined for countries participating in the convention.

No more embassy or consulate visits for additional legalization steps! This streamlined approach aims to make the document authentication process quicker, more accessible, and less stressful for everyone involved.

Niki Sharma, the Attorney General, highlighted the positive impact this change will have on B.C. residents: “Those who have needed public documents authenticated before know that the process can be daunting. I’m pleased Canada has joined the Apostille Convention. Now this process will be easier and less stressful for all B.C. residents.”

One of the notable advantages is the international recognition of the apostille certificate, increasing the likelihood that your documents will be readily accepted by other member countries. Wyatt Matthews, a former international exchange student at the University of Victoria, shared his experience: “It’s great to hear that future students won’t have that extra strain while making plans to study abroad.”

The benefits extend beyond residents seeking authentication. International students, temporary workers, and immigrants coming to B.C. will also enjoy smoother processes, as Canada will accept apostille certificates for foreign public documents from other member countries.

For those currently in the document authentication process, take note: documents submitted to the B.C. Authentication Program from December 18, 2023, until January 11, 2024, will be processed on or after January 11. Waiting until after the convention is in effect may even result in a reduced cost.

In addition to B.C., other provinces like Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan will issue apostille certificates, making the entire process more cohesive. Global Affairs Canada will handle apostille certificates for federal government documents and those originating in several provinces and territories.

Exciting times lie ahead for B.C. residents, marking a positive shift toward a more efficient and cost-effective authentication process. Stay informed and embrace the upcoming changes! For more information, visit the B.C. Authentication Program website.
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