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Is a No CPR (DNR) form a way to refuse consent in advance?

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Written by Joanne on April 1, 2015

No. The Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC (formerly BCMA) publish a no-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation form that family physicians can use to record their conversation with a patient. It is not a legal document and is not a consent. It is referred to as a physician’s order and is based on an old approach used before the health care consent legislation came into effect.

Read the Nidus fact sheet on Refusing Health Care: What are My Rights?

Fraser Health Authority uses a form called Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST), which is another type of physician’s order. Read about the MOST form in a previous post.

A Representation Agreement is the key legal document in BC to cover giving and refusing consent for health care and personal care. You can make a Representation Agreement to authorize a representative to assist you or to act on your behalf if you are not capable of informed consent.


Registry Fact Sheet: Personal Planning Documents

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Nidus partnered with BC Courthouse Libraries to raise awareness about BC’s essential legal planning documents and the Nidus Registry. The kick off event was held on September 15th at the Vancouver Public Library CentralBranch with a panel of experts in the field. Questions that were submitted will be answered in a series of posts by Nidus and various panel members. To see photos from the event click Gallery; and click Registry Sing-a-long for the fun of it!

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