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If I am incapacitated, are not my children the default decision makers?

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Written by Joanne on January 6, 2015

  1. If I become incapacitated and am in need of medical decision making, are not my children the default decision makers? Assuming I have enduring power of attorney for financial affairs. 
  1. Yes, if you are determined incapable of giving or refusing consent to medical decisions and you have not made any legal arrangements for such an event, a health care provider will go to the default list in the law. They must select a person in the order listed, starting with your spouse. If you do not have a spouse, they will select one of your adult children to make decisions.

The person they select is called your Temporary Substitute Decision Maker (TSDM). They only pick one person at a time and that person only has ‘temporary’ authority to make decisions for the situation at hand.

However, your spouse or child does not have as much authority as a TSDM as they would if you make a Representation Agreement and named them as your representative. You can also name more than one representative and/or alternate representatives.

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