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Depending on how the Representation Agreement is prepared, a designated Representative‘s authority can include:

  • routine finances
  • decisions regarding healthcare, personal care, and limited legal affairs
  • refusal or consent to life support treatment and care
  • consent to less common medical procedures/treatment
  • consent to treatment the Adult approved while capable but since losing capacity has refused consent
  • deciding on living arrangements for the Adult including choosing a care facility

A BC Notary can help determine the appropriate scope for specific Representative(s).

Additionally, travellers should make two photocopies of all travel documents in case of emergency or if their documents are lost or stolen. Leave one copy with a friend or relative at home, and carry the other copy, stored separately from the originals. They should also make copies of their passport ID page, foreign visa (if applicable), itinerary, hotel confirmation, airline ticket, driver’s license and credit cards. It is a good idea for card holders to call the credit card company and inform them of what country they will be in, as this may prevent the credit card company from denying charges that are out of the normal. Also, individuals should make sure to look into what medical services their health insurance will cover in another country, and purchase additional health insurance if needed.

For those who take prescriptions or other medications, make sure to pack more than enough for the trip in case of unexpected delays. Carry medications in their original labeled containers in a carry-on bag in case baggage is lost or delayed. A letter from a physician may be needed, since some countries have restrictions on bringing prescription or non-prescription medications into the country without medical documentation. Before departing, travelers are advised to contact the foreign government office accredited to Canada of the country they plan to visit to make sure the medications or medical supplies they intend to bring are allowed into the country. If an individual needs to use needles or syringes, carry a medical certificate explaining that the needles or syringes are for medical use.

The Government of Canada’s website has more information for Canadians receiving medical care outside of the country.

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