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Following are some of the tools available to British Columbians.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows a capable adult to appoint a person or persons to handle his or her financial and legal matters in the event the adult is unable to do so or needs assistance. The document also specifies whether those individuals are allowed to act separately or are required to act together. Because of the financial authority conveyed, it is critical that the adult fully understands the powers he or she is granting with this document and that the adult has complete trust in the person appointed.

The Power of Attorney also allows the adult to compensate a designated “attorney” for performing actions on his or her behalf.

Who should have a Power of Attorney?

This document has great value for anyone

  • who wants to ensure that a trusted person will take care of bill-paying, correspondence, and financial management in the event of incapacity or absence;
  • who may need assistance with daily finances, now or in the future;
  • who wants to avoid the very lengthy and expensive process of a court-appointed committee, should the adult suddenly become incapable;
  • who wants to avoid having the Public Guardian and Trustee take over his or her affairs.

Advance Directive

The Advance Directive document gives instructions to doctors, nurses, and other health care providers for a person’s future health care. It ensures the adult’s wishes will be carried out by health care providers if the person is unable to express them in the future.

Who should have an Advance Directive?

People who want to ensure that their wishes are followed, particularly

  • if their family’s wishes differ from their own;
  • if they have no family members that could be appointed as their representative;
  • if they have concerns that differing opinions among their family members might cause conflict if a decision must be made about where the adult should live or if end-of-life decision-making is involved.

Representation Agreement

A Representation Agreement appoints a representative or multiple representatives to make decisions regarding an individual’s health and personal care in the event the individual is unable to communicate his or her own wishes.

Depending on how the Representation Agreement is prepared, the authority of a designated representative can include the following:

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For more information on Advance Planning tools, real-life examples of related situations, and expert spokespeople, please contact Karen Cook: or 604 551-9074.

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